Fiona Campbell (formerly Wagner) has covered a wide range of topics, from organic gardening to estate planning, identity theft and the greening of small business.

She specializes in topics related to agriculture, food, rural life and simpler living, with particular interests in meat and ethical agriculture/humane husbandry, women and the changing face of farming, and the role of small farms in sustainable agriculture and local food security.

Her articles have appeared in numerous print and online publications, including Small Farm Canada, Green Living, Canadian Geographic, Harrowsmith Country Life, The Bruce Trail Magazine, Chatelaine, Financial Post Business, Best Health, Squeeze, Bankrate Canada,, Microsoft Home Magazine and more.

She also blogs at Rowangarth Farm about her efforts to live a simpler, more sustainable way of life.

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best health

• COOK SMART TO DROP POUNDS: Innovative new ideas for cutting calories from home-cooked meals (December 2008) (PDF)
• PULSE POINTS: Does your heart health knowledge add up? (October 2008) (PDF)

bankrate canada

• GETTING YOUR LAWN OFF DRUGS: You don’t need toxic chemicals to keep your lawn weed- and pest-free. Organic lawn care solutions are good for both the green in your wallet and your yard. (link)
• THE TROUBLE WITH TECH TRASH: Constantly upgrading your home computer and entertainment centre may hurt more than just your wallet. (link)

financial post business

• THE GREEN REVOLUTION: You've heard enough about how environmental responsibility is good for the bottom line. It's time to get into action.(PDF)
• SMALL-TOWN DREAMS: This couple hopes to get their retirement plan back on track and move to the country. Can they do it? (PDF)


• THE ROYAL TREATMENT: Whether you're at the mall, the salon or the coffee shope, here are 18 insider tips to make sure you get preferred customer service. (PDF)
• ENDLESS SUMMER: Stretch out the summer with these 11 ideas for warm-weather fun. (PDF)

Ryerson review of journalism (spring 2001)

• A PASSAGE FROM INDIA: The Globe's first development reporter has gone from living with poor villagers in Biharipur to sleeping among Toronto's homeless. But has John Stackhouse traded in-depth reporting for slice-of-life journalism? (PDF)

writers on writing

"You must have enough pride to insist that every sentence is the best sentence you can write to say what must be said. If you write yourself into a muddle, don't try to salvage the sentence by bending it in another direction or tacking something onto the end. Throw it out and start again. Every time." ~Roscoe C. Born